Technology Solutions Manager

June 10, 2021

Charitable organization founded in 1984, Moisson Montreal is the largest food bank in Canada. Our mission is to ensure optimal food supply to community organizations serving people in difficulty on the island of Montreal while participating in the development of sustainable solutions to promote food security. Thanks to the generosity of our volunteers and donors in commodities, we enjoy an extraordinary leverage effect: with every dollar donation, harvest Montreal redistributes nearly $ 15 of food. We return 14.3 million kg of commodities per year to the main self-help network, including more than 250 accredited community organizations on the island of Montreal, which meet some 567,000 requests for food aid.

We are currently looking for a person for the post of:

Manager, Technology Solutions

The salary scale for this position is between $ 57,525 and $ 86,287.

Browse from the Deputy Director General (DGA), you are responsible for all the operations and systems related to information management and the data optimization. Your mandate is to develop, implement and evaluate digital strategies to increase the effectiveness of the organization.

You are responsible for developing a strategy at digital technologies, information systems, of data analysis and business intelligence to meet the strategic objectives of the organization, to grow and increase its numerical and informational capabilities.

You must also develop and manage the deployment of an optimization and integration strategy for our information systems and database, focusing on our ability to better understand our donors and other stakeholders.

Tasks and responsibilities

Allow the organization to develop in-depth CRM and digital engagement skills, and capture information about our donors and other stakeholders, to our activities fundraising and Donations in commodities, our events and our campaigns to enhance the experience of the donor and / or stakeholders, with the objective of better understanding the needs.

Collaborate with the whole of the team of the organization to create and promote the adoption of a multi-year plan to optimize data management and our analytical capacities.

Ensure that the organization has the required technological platforms allowing it to 'Implement its numerical strategies and the development of current and future donors.

Beyond the project to modernize and integrate our information systems, ensure development, support and Maintenance of our systems such as our databases, website, online fundraising platform, communications sending platform based on the organization's strategic and operational needs.

Qualifications required

You are recognized for your Exceptional pities in management and interpersonal relationships. You work closely with all the organization's services. You must therefore listen to the needs of the teams and develop creative strategies, at the forefront and respect best practices for the development and loyalty of our donors and other stakeholders.

More specifically:

More than 5 years of experience in a management positionInformation systems;

multifaceted technical skills including data management, information systems and cybersecurity;

Office 365 in-depth knowledge and its ecosystem;

Knowledge of tools such as Forms, PLC, Powerbi, Streamer, Team, Planner and Even Yammer, would be a major asset;

Experience demonstrating an ability to translate information and the data at our disposal in actions and strategic reflections;

At the affluence of new trends and does not hesitate to question themselves;

Knowledge in programming an asset;

Baccalaureate or mastery in a Connected subject will be considered an asset;

Strategic vision, meaning of development and achievement of objectives;

Strong ability to work in a team;

Recognized positive leadership, creativity, autonomy and initiative.

Terms of use

Permanent full-time extension;

A salary competitive;

3 weeks of vacation per year;

A comprehensive collective assurances program;

A collective RRSP program with the employer's contribution;

An employee support program;

from continuing education;

A friendly and stimulating workplace;

Major projects.

Interested persons are invited to send their resume and cover letter to harvest Montreal at email

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