Technician - Practical work - Computer science

May 29, 2019

Nature of the position: Regular full time

Job Classification: Practical Technician

Immediate Superior: Lysanne Lacouture, Administrative Manager

Salary Range: Between $ 22.59 / hour and $ 30.46 / hour

Number of hours worked: 35 hours / week

Work schedule: Monday to Friday (between 8 am and 6 pm, to be confirmed at the beginning of each session)

Starting date: August 19, 2019

Deadline for submission of applications: June 5, 2019, 4 pm


The main and usual role of the person in this job class is to assist teachers in the preparation, presentation, monitoring and evaluation of laboratory, practicum or workshop work.



You will find the content of the Job Corps description at the following address:


The main task of the person technician or technician in practical work in the department of computer science will be to help the teachers in the setting up of the laboratories, the examinations, the dispensation of the laboratories, and the preparation of the waiters and the resources used for the different courses of the computer program.

He or she will do the following:

· Configure, administer, secure, monitor and back up departmental servers and data (Windows and Linux);

· Automate the deployment of virtual spaces on a hyperconverged server;

· Deploy and administer essential tools to the department, eg. : source code management server, test and web development servers, ticketing allowing students to document their progress and questions;

· Ensure that laboratories remain functional, both equipment (eg wiring, fires) and services (eg DNS, DHCP).

· Manage student accounts, software licenses and installation media;

· Support the teacher and help students in laboratories;

· Participate in implementing technological measures to fight plagiarism;

· Keep up-to-date with new versions of the tools used by the department;

· Check the operation and configuration of each laboratory;

· Help teachers prepare network labs: configure hardware, prepare specific cabling, secure environment and labs, firewalls, monitor.

· Mount specific areas needed for certain courses (DNS, DHCP, WINS, Apache, Web Programming, etc);

· Deploy activities taught in labs across multiple devices;

· Test the computer equipment that will be used in the laboratories;

· Ensure that the laboratories remain functional following the configurations, installations and manipulations carried out during the lessons;

· Assist in setting up the laboratories, exams, servers and resources used for the various courses of the computer program;

· Investigate, install, test and secure the educational tools used in computer courses;

· Inventory, prepare and loan software installation discstaught in classes;

· Manage software licenses to be installed by students during class;

· Create and manage student accounts used within the program;

· Draft purchase requisitions, prepare purchase orders and maintain departmental operating budget;

· Attend departmental meetings as needed;

· Perform any other related tasks.



Have a Diploma of College Studies (DCS) with appropriate field of specialization, such as a DEC in Computer Science or a diploma or a certificate of studies whose equivalence is recognized by the competent authority.


· Knowledge of French (verified by test);

· Technical skills (verified by test).

All interested persons are invited to apply online using the recruitment portal.

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