Specialist, user experience

November 04, 2019


Reporting to the Manager, Infrastructure and Operations, the User Experience Specialist leads the effort to create a stimulating and intuitive work environment that increases the digital dexterity of the workforce. Work.

The goal is to improve the employee experience so that BBA can take advantage of digital business models and the increased efficiency of its workforce to achieve its goals.

The primary goal of the digital work environment is to maximize the effectiveness of employees, teams and the organization by designing workplace-based services that support the business environment. commitment, implementing them across the enterprise and using them to drive continuous change.

The specialist, user experience, must influence the reinvention of the environment working at the scale of the company to increase employee engagement, agility and digital dexterity. This influence also extends to reinventing the workspace-the physical and technical "fabric" that makes up the workspaces and collaborations of employees.

The incumbent of this position is called upon to provide analysis and advice for making decisions regarding the selection, combination, operation and use of relevant technologies for employee contact.

The incumbent will be called to:

• Become a prominent IT champion on digital workplace concepts, enhance BBA's overall reputation and attract top talent.

• Prepare organize and lead digital work environment initiatives in specific areas (such as operations, business development and human resources), share best practices and review program progress.

p> o Out they collaborate (Skype, Teams, etc.) o Enterprise Cloud Platform (Office 365, OneDrive)

o Mobile Devices and Approach WITH (iOs, Android)

• Define and publish best practices on these topics:

o Collaboration between project participants in multiple locations

o How to maximize the use of virtual desktops and virtual applications

• Produce and Publish IT Video Blogs

o Internal Employee Videos (Office 365, M-Files, BI)

• Ensure IT service delivery.

o Mobile services (email, applications and security)

• Provide governance. o Participation in the definition of the user's computer profile (hardware and software)

• Create a range of services for the digital work environment.

• Define and apply the user experience principles in IT initiatives.

• Manage change management in strategic IT projects.

• Look for new technology trends to adopt. at work.

• Work closely with colleagues in infrastructure and operations and procurement.

• Establish a methodology for consistent implementation services, such as procurement, deployment, training and promotion. o Enterprise Cloud Platform, Virtual Assistant and Artificial Intelligence

• Use relevant metrics to track and optimize operations and services related to the digital work environment.

Schedule : 37.5


• Strong skills ininterpersonal relationships;

• Empathy for managers and employees of the organization who are affected by changes in the digital work environment and ability to identify with them;

p> • Excellent verbal and written communication skills (in French and English)

• Exceptional problem-solving and analytical skills;

effectively guide and support changes affecting employees, processes and technology in a dynamic and complex operating environment;

• Serious or presence to develop a digital work environment program, as well as to sell and integrate it at all levels of the business;

• Ability to tackle multiple projects and work in multiple teams;

establish and maintain positive interpersonal relationships;

Great skills in leadership


• Bachelor's degree in business administration, computer science, information management or a related field, or equivalent work experience. Proficiency or professional qualification in marketing, social sciences or behavioral science is an asset.

• Three to eight years of work experience, preferably in business or IT management, and ideally a combination of both.

• Digital dexterity in the use of gadgets and consumer applications and other technology services, and vision to enhance agility and employee engagement. / p>

• Experience in planning and implementing strategic technology, and in policy formulation and maintenance.

• Knowledge of employee services, such as individual and group productivity tools , data discovery, intranets, knowledge management, social networks and technology support.

• Courage to suggest or support big ideas. Tenacity in targeting the discovery process.

• Strength: ability to champion innovation programs as a catalyst for organizational change.

BBA is committed to promote diversity and employment equity. We thank you for your interest in our firm. Note that we will only communicate with successful applicants.

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