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August 27, 2019

A technology partner of large companies since 1979, the SII Group is at the heart of the innovation economy with 8000 employees, an international presence in 18 countries, and a turnover exceeding 520 million Canadian dollars.

SII Canada, based in Montreal and Toronto, aims to provide value-added solutions to its partners / clients in the engineering and information technology trades.

SII Canada is above all agility, technicality and exciting jobs that generate career opportunities and opportunities.

You want to join a company on a human scale, where:

... you are recognized for your qualities and expertise,

... you can have a role of ambassador and mentor (Communities, lunch tech, workshop ...),

... you'll bring your personal touch into the friendly gang of Fungénieurs,

then it would definitely be nice to meet you!


SII Canada is looking for future collaborators in the implementation and development of Microsoft SharePoint collaboration solutions,

You will intervene as well in the analysis phases and collect as you need in the configuration, development and production phases,

You'll customize SharePoint sites and sub-sites by administering master pages and publishing pages,

You will develop classic or modern Web parts to meet the needs of customers.

You'll be part of the fungernery community if:

You're working on writing clean quality code,

You know how to get and understand the expectations of your customer and business analysts,

You are an energetic, resourceful and curious person, with a good analytic sense,

You are not afraid to propose the latest technological or ergonomic innovations,

You work closely with the developers, the Scrum Master, the Product Owner, because you know that your collaboration is essential for the realization of the project and the satisfaction of the customer.

This post is for you if:

You have three years or more of experience creating SharePoint enterprise collaboration solutions from Microsoft.

You have experience in different versions of SharePoint (2010 to 2019) On-Premise and Online, and migrates between versions with ease.

You control the components and technologies related to SharePoint:

· Office 365, Graph API, CAML queries ...

· C #, ASP.NET and XML technologies

· SharePoint object-oriented web services (CSOM, JSOM)

· Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and Excel Services

You have experience in PowerShell Scripting and in Front-End languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

You are constantly learning new technologies that want to specialize or diversify your hardskills.

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