Security Analyst

May 01, 2019

The CyberSwat Group is a cybersecurity company. Our mission is to contribute to the long-term survival of Quebec businesses by protecting information that is most critical to them.

We offer a multitude of opportunities in the field of cybersecurity and information security, mainly in the cities of Montreal and Quebec City. Are you still hesitating to send us your CV? Go and read our article 11 reasons to work at CyberSwat!

Our customers have a wide range of needs to fill and we are constantly looking for people with one of the profiles below. Apply for a job such as: Security Analyst; Security architect; Specialist in security governance; Project manager of security; Identity Management and Access Technician; Specialist in intrusion testing.

Are you self-employed? We are open to discussion.

The role of the incumbent is the recommendation and configuration of technical security solutions from the general architecture. He will be responsible for writing and updating the security documentation. He will also be responsible for managing access by profile and role, while conforming to client needs.


  • 6 years of IT experience
  • 3 years of IT security experience
  • Ability to work on multiple medium complexity mandates simultaneously
  • Analytical and risk management capacity
  • Functional knowledge of English
  • Ability to adapt language to a business level

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Develop, deploy and use analysis tools
  • Evaluate different security products and tools
  • Installing appropriate security products
  • Participate in developing solutions to mitigate risks
  • Participate in an authentication management planning, authorization and traceability (access management according to roles and profiles)
  • Make sure that the incident handling procedure is followed
  • Ensure the performance and security of all technological components
  • Write and keep up-to-date IT security documentation, and then make it available and available
  • Produce reports, security advisories, and maintain and evolve alerting rules

Skill be

  • Ability to analyze different components of a problem for processing
  • Ability to listen and be receptive to information provided by the environment
  • Ability to format and summarize the information to be transmitted

What we offer at Cyberswat:

  • We promote family work balance.
  • We believe in continuing education so we're here to help you with your training projects.
  • We are a human-sized company, your opinion counts for us.
  • And of course, we have a group insurance plan, bonus days, and other benefits!

For more details on why you want to come to Cyberswat, check out the 11 reasons to come work with us on our website!

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