Practice manager - Software developer under test

October 09, 2020

A technological partner of large companies since 1979, the SII Group is at the heart of the innovation economy with 10,000 employees, an international presence in 20 countries, and a turnover of over CAD 520 million .

SII Canada, located in Montreal and Toronto, aims to provide high value-added solutions to its partners / customers in the engineering and information technology fields.

SII Canada is above all agility, technicality and exciting jobs that generate experiences and career opportunities.

As part of our high-level services added value for one of our key clients in the banking sector, we are recruiting in our teams a Practice Manager - Software Developer under test. What about everyday life?

  • Understand operational requirements, quality practices existing, functional analysis and change requests;
  • Collaborate with QA analysts and developers and help them design test cases that will be used for automation;
  • Support the team in the mindset of test automation and adopt industry best practices;
  • Support and advise the implementation and execution automated functional and integration tests (unit, api, ui and uat);
  • Ensure the implementation and execution of non-functional tests (performance, security, various means / channels of access);
  • Support and advise on mock-up and data management to allow automated testing to continue to run smoothly in CI;
  • Help teams adopt the industry best practices in software quality and testing;
  • Contribute with teams to the continuous improvement of the development process; Provide guidance on the company's quality practice (including manual and automated testing);
  • Participate and contribute to Sprint Plannings and Groomings;
  • Monitor and report progress in test automation and KPIs;
  • Evaluate and track team progress by adopting new practices;
  • Evaluate tools and provide feedback to the architecture, development and management teams;
  • Ensuring quality is built into the sprint.

Profile sought?

  • Strong leadership skills;
  • Solid experience to help the team adopt high quality practices level in industrial software development;
  • Strong spirit of automation testing and best practices;
  • Strong experience in testing and development;
  • Strong programming skills;
  • Mastery of the automation tools we use (see list below);
  • Mastery of the design, implementation and evolution of test automation frameworks;
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Attention to detail and ability to organize work;
  • Customer focus.

Technical experience with:

  • Web user interface automation (functional + end end) Selenium grid, C # (.net core), NUnit / XUnit, Docker
  • Mobile user interface automation (functional + end to end) XCTest (for iOS) Android TBD oncerequired
  • API automation (functional + integration + end-to-end) API Ready (SoapUI Pro)
  • Load and output automation: JMeter, C # (.net core)
  • Unit tests: NUnit (C #), MUnit (Mulesoft), XCTest (iOS)
  • Monitoring: Splunk, Dynatrace
  • Others tools: SonarQube, Git

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