Middleware - DevOps

June 04, 2020

Description of Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Development and test plans for cloud deployment;
  • Support deployment and technical discussion as a TS applications specialist;
  • Work with technology solutions team and project manager for delivery of technology solutions;
  • Work with IT Solution to engage teams and get the job done;
  • Act as the owner of the app on infrastructure issues, recommendations and decisions;
  • Support the test team on different application servers;
  • Can help support team on deployment issues, server failure, network issues, etc;
  • ITS TS Team Contact Point for Networking, Servers and Web Server Configurations;
  • Assist / support troubleshooting efforts of application developers in cloud environments;
  • Rapid resolution / investigation of deployment issues and development environments;
  • ITS support in acceptance and production environments;
  • Support the process of promoting plans in higher environments;
  • Improve TS knowledge and practice around sub-issues, promote culture of development and improvement.

Job Requirements

  •   DEC or BAC in computer science ;
  •   Bilingual (conversational French / fluency in English);
  •   2 years experience as DevOps;
  •   Experience in task automation;
  •   5 years of RHEL / Linux experience;
  •   5 years of Middleware experience;
  •   Knowledge of Kubernetes, Docker, Haproxy, Nginx, Python, Bash, PHP;
  •   Jenkins Pipeline or similar pipeline;
  •   Jenkins Pipeline ou pipeline similaire;
  •   CircleCI;
  •   AWS;
  •   Azur;
  •   Graphite or other.

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