Mechanical engineer FEA

February 26, 2019

After 5 years of existence, Techso has earned a reputation for the quality of its projects delivered to prestigious clients, in various sectors such as aerospace, automotive, consumer products, events and more!

Techso is working with a leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes to accelerate its product development cycle. Techso contributes to improving the quality of their products and their manufacturing processes. Techso wants to build a team of experts in dynamic fluid dynamics, who will work with the CFD tool. In addition to the fluid mechanics analysis, the team will conduct solid mechanics studies (FEA) on various components.

Analysis of solid mechanics would involve mechanical deformations, stress studies, hyperelastic analyzes and tolerance surveys. This could eventually evolve into structural fluid analysis to combine fluid behavior with solid activity.

The Techso employee will act as a FEA Technical Expert to advise, define and deliver solutions for major projects in Montreal or internationally.

Project activities

  • Mechanical deformation: Model the mechanical deformations, stresses and deformations (that is to say the assembly of plastics, the interactions between parts, etc.)
  • Joint materials: Hyper-elastic simulations to find better ways to design joint materials to improve manufacturing processes, including the effect of tolerances
  • Expertise in FEA tools with Moldflow, Hyper-elasticity and Deformation functions
  • Expertise with CAD tools (Solidworks)
  • Bilingual - French & amp; English (required)

Senior FEA Engineer

  • Analysis design
  • Project Management
  • Interpretation of the result
  • Schedule

Junior FEA Engineer

  • Creating and cleaning CAD
  • Mesh (can be taught)
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