Mainframe administrator

January 12, 2022

NoviPro is currently looking for a Mainframe administrator for a permanent position in Montreal. The holder of this position is responsible for installing, maintaining and optimizing all central server software that requires integration with the central server.

Main responsibilities

In your position at home, you will be called to work on the following:

  • plans, installs, configures operating systems and software from the central server as well as The software of other requesting servers an integration with the central server;
  • ensures the proper functioning of the software required by the technology infrastructure and puts in place monitoring mechanisms for these software;
  • Analysis and diagnoses the sources of complex problems related to the use of operating systems and software;
  • develops and maintains computing tools complementary to technology infrastructure to facilitate the task for users of systems;
  • applies regularly preventive software on software and computer tools;
  • configures the central computer and the peripheral equipment and provided support for the operation of these equipment;
  • participates in the Selection and recommendation of new computer software and tools;
  • Provided Technical Support: Support, Guide and advises users on the use of computer software and equipment;
  • regularly follows the evolution of technologies on central servers and peripheral equipment to inform, advise and recommend the required improvements;
  • maintains extensive knowledge Equipment and software essential to the accomplishment of its work;
  • ensures the monitoring of the performance of equipment and systems using specialized tools, analyzes performance reports, sets up the Required patches and makes recommendations in order to 'optimize their use;
  • performs compatibility and integration tests during acquisition or change of equipment and software;
  • schedules the security copy jacks of the Central system and puts in place the controls and measures necessary to ensure a recovery of operations following an incident;
  • executes any other related task.

Qualifications required

  • recognized training in computer science or equivalence;
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in a similar role;
  • Knowledge of operating systems and software of the central server;
  • Knowledge of new technologies available on the market;
  • Technical assistance skills;
  • Central computers configuration;
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting skills;
  • Pressurized skills;
  • bilingualism (French-English).

At NoviPro, the well-being of Our collaborators is important to us. What we offer:

  • teleworking, flexibility of schedules and conciliation work-personal life;
  • stimulating projects;
  • training and paid certifications;
  • Large coverage group insurance;
  • Access to telemedicine (24/7) with chat health professionals or secure video session;
  • cellular refunded
  • gym discounts;
  • Competitive remuneration and much more!

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