Infrastructure Analyst and Information Security

May 28, 2019

Nature of the position: Regular full time

Job class: Analyst

Immediate Superior: Francis Belzile, IT Coordinator

Salary Range: Between $ 24.87 / hour and $ 43.06 / hour

Number of hours worked: 35 hours / week

Work schedule: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm

Starting date: At the end of the selection process

Deadline for submission of applications: June 6, 2019, 4 pm


Analyst jobs include more specifically the analysis, development, coordination and control of systems, methods and processes related to, among other things, the processing of information by computer or otherwise, within the organization. and administrative operations and communication structures, with a view to the efficient use of College resources


You will find the content of the Job Corps description at the following address:


Under the supervision of the Information Technology Operations Coordinator, the main and usual role is to perform various tasks related to planning, selection, analysis, architecture, design, implementation and performance measurement of technology solutions related to networking, telephony and information security.

The professional will be called to:

  • Take charge of the operation and monitoring of the technologies under its responsibility, ensure its maintenance and evolution to ensure availability and performance;

  • Receive and analyze the different needs, impacts, alternatives and recommend appropriate technological solutions;

  • Carry out work to implement technological solutions;

  • Provide functional authority to the resources assigned to carry out the works and projects under his responsibility;

  • Develop and implement security mechanisms specific to the College's information assets;

  • Implement audit strategies;

  • Develop and maintain succession and security plans;

  • Design the technological architecture of the assets under its responsibility;

  • Define norms and standards applicable to its sector of intervention;

  • Diagnose, perform and document the correction of problems related to the proper functioning of the technologies under his responsibility;

  • Know and apply best practices in your industry;

  • Regularly review planned methods and procedures and associated documentation;

  • Ensure a technological watch of its sector of activity;

  • Liaise with staff, suppliers and agency representatives;

  • Oversee the professional mandates that are granted under the files under his responsibility;

  • Coordinate project teams during interventions and projects in their sector of activity.



    Have an undergraduate degree in an appropriate field of specialization, including: Computer Science, Computer Science, and Information Technology Engineering.


    Hold a minimum of 5years of experience as a professional in network and / or telecommunications infrastructure management.


  • Mastering French (verified by test);

  • Have an excellent analytical and synthetic mind as well as critical judgment;

  • Have strong problem-solving skills;

  • Ability to work in a team and under pressure;

  • Possess communication skills and have ease in popularizing information;

  • Ability to establish harmonious working relationships and apply a customer-centric approach to the college community;

  • Knowledge of the college environment and teaching is an asset;

  • Experience in project management is an asset;

  • Knowledge of AGILE / SCRUM methodology is an asset;

  • Certifications relevant to the domain are assets;

  • Knowledge of the ITIL or ISO29110 Terms of Reference is an asset.

    * Technical skills will be assessed with a written test.


    The analyst must have the knowledge and experience to have a global vision of the infrastructure in the following areas:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008/20012 R2 and Active Directory;

  • Computer network (TCP / IP, VLAN, ZONE, DMZ, VPN);

  • HPE network architecture;

  • 3PAR Storage Solutions and NAS;

  • Unified Communications Platform;

  • Server virtualization environment with VmWare;

  • VEEAM backup solution;

  • Cisco Firepower NextGen Firewall;

  • Security principles for technologies used in networking.

    All interested persons are invited to apply online, using the recruitment portal.

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