Information technology advisor

February 17, 2021

Concerned with making public services more accessible, easier to use and more efficient, the public service is banking on the deployment of digital services and the completion of major IT systems projects. And that's where IT analysts, also known as information technology advisers, come in.

In addition to performing preliminary studies and architectures, these specialists coordinate implementing changes to data and systems in development and production environments. Expert advisors to users and managers, they also carry out studies on the security of digital information and data.

Labor needs mainly affect the following specialties: development of 'applications, technological infrastructure management, user support, information security, project management and data administration.

It is thanks to technologies that the Government of Quebec is continually improving accessibility and the efficiency of its services.

If participating in technological innovations and contributing to large-scale government projects appeals to you, be part of our solutions and put your knowledge, your creativity and your sense of innovation at the service of the citizen and the performance of the State.

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