February 22, 2019


SII Canada, based in Montreal and Toronto, aims to provide value-added solutions to its customers in the engineering trades (avionics systems, mechanical design and installation, testing), software and information technology in general.


As a DevOps consultant your role will be to link the development, revenue and operating teams.

For this you will need:

Deploy infrastructure by automatically installing and configuring physical or virtual machines, cloud machine instances, containers, providing automated or semi-automatic application deployment procedures, and using configuration management tools and Deployment Orchestration (such as Puppet, Leader, Ansible, Rundeck, Docker Swarm); Propose new practices and tools to ensure the reliability, stability and supervision of environments; Participate in coding, review processes code and infrastructure improvement; Ensuring maintenance in operational condition and performance monitoring of continuous integration platforms. Profile sought:

Graduate of a master’s degree in IT, you have gained 2 years experience in the implementation of DevOps projects.

To fill this position, you must:

Have a good knowledge of the Libre and Open-Source eco-system Have experience with GNU / Linux, Tomcat, Apache HTTP and PHP systems Have knowledge of Scripting languages ​​as Python, Perl, Shell; Master Jenkins, Docker; Know (or understand) « Periodic table of DevOps tools » To communicate both written and spoken in French and English. Expertise – Innovation – Fun, here is the mix that we offer you. You are the creators of tomorrow! Dare to highlight your skills, invest in innovative projects and come up to new technological challenges.

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