Developers Azure .NET seniors or intermediate

October 13, 2021


HILO is a wholly owned subsidiary by Hydro-Québec that seeks to revolutionize the power grid. With millions of smart devices connected to the Internet, we will transform the way energy is used to refine consumption and make the network more stable and more profitable. Specifically, the company's mission is to develop innovative and value-added products and services for clients in the energy field. Our employees work in a rapid learning climate, where a large tolerance to ambiguity is required as well as an opening to failure. We value teamwork, performance, passion, authenticity and imagination.


We develop micro-services , mobile applications and home equipment and intelligent building. The systems range from a centralized energy demand management system, which broadcasts controls to connected devices via a gateway in customer houses, the systems managing remote updates, transmitting orders to Mobile applications and web management consoles. We are a dynamic team of electrical engineers, embedded software developers, cloud developers, operations specialists, QA, product owners, designers (and more!). It sounds fun? Join us to change the energy landscape.

Key Responsibilities

Topic of the Technical Manager of the team with which you will work:

  • work with multidisciplinary teams to develop evolutionary and resilient solutions for our customers;
  • Ensure that product development respects vision as discussed with internal teams;
  • Expand the code by respecting the internal safety criteria, stability and scalability;
  • Develop in agile mode while planning the future, the two ways of doing very well coexist. (TDD Principles, Scrum, Solid, Devops and CI / CD);
  • On a daily basis You will need to participate in the design, code review, documentation and selection of new technology;

Wanted profile

  • Excellent knowledge of the C # language C #
  • Good understanding of the competition models in C #
  • Large experience with .NET Core
  • Good understanding of asynchronous programming in .NET
  • Excellent knowledge of connection strategies, unit test strategies and CI / CD strategies
  • Excellent knowledge of at least one cloud platform
  • experience working with architectures without server such as "Azure Functions, durable functions, AWS lambda etc.
  • Experience of event architectures and message processing with message brokers such as Kafka, bus service, Event Grid, etc.
  • practical knowledge of architectures and technology Streaming in Azure, such as Azure Stream Analytics, ADX / Kusto, etc.
  • Experience with MicroServices and / or Services Oriented
  • Knowledge of the Bases of X509 / PKI
  • Knowledge of authentication / authorization schemes (OAUTH2, OpenID Connect, Mutual Certs)
  • Knowledge of various database technologies, such as relational, columns, key / Value, Chart and Chronological Series
  • Knowledge of API styles such as Rest, RPC, GRPC, etc.
  • Experience in creating database schematics supporting processesof the company
  • Good knowledge of relational and non-relational databases.
  • Mastery of the SDLC.
  • Good knowledge of the Atlassian suite, collaborative tools , git, sonar or other quality tools.
  • Good knowledge of performance and profiling tools and optimization strategies (I / O, memory, processor, etc.)
  • University degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or Equivalent Experience
  • 3 years and more experience as cloud programmer in a fast-changing environment

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