IT Service Center Assistant Director

May 20, 2022

NoviPro is looking for a Deputy Direction for the IT Service Center at the Information Information Directorate and Digital Technologies (DRITN) . This is a Standing for one of our customers in the midst of Education . Are you interested?

The mandate

Raising the director of informational resources and digital technologies, the deputy management is responsible for the management of activities and Resources of the sectors under its responsibility grouping the management and micro-computer and multimedia sectors:

  • Planning
  • organization
  • coordination
  • control
  • evaluation

More specifically This person will be responsible for the development and monitoring of information resources in information. She is responsible for:

  • coordinate the development and exploitation plan activities of computerized systems,
  • operation and maintenance and evolution of the Information Park,
  • to Information Services and Information Technology Agreements.

General Responsibilities

  • participates in the planning and management of the operating and investment budgets of its sector of activity.
  • participates in the development and implementation of the Information Resource Management Plan (PDRI ).
  • collaborates in the implementation of the annual work plan.
  • develops an offer of IT services, including the development and maintenance of the service catalog.
  • Ensures the optimal use of the IT service center management tools as well as development and its
  • Evolution (Asset Management RI, Query Management) drawing on the referent Tiel ITIL.
  • ensures optimal use of the Microsoft M365 tools with users.
  • ensures the continual maintenance of the documentation.
  • plans, coordinates and controls the Deployment, updating, maintenance and technical support from the computer park as well as college applications, software and peripherals.
  • develops and sets ways to ensure the quality of the service at the service. clientele with college students and staff.
  • writes tenders and technical quotes.
  • manages contracts and agreements with suppliers.
  • Represents the college in internally and externally committees as well as suppliers.
  • Head of the ICT Users Committee (support, watch, followed, collaboration).
  • collaborates with services, departments and programs for the implementation of educational and collaboration guidelines for the use of Information.
  • provides a consulting role with the Director of Information Resources and Digital Technologies.
  • Provide optimal use of management software packages.

Service-specific responsibilities

  • actively contributes to the work related to governance and resource management information for its sector of activity and accountability that results from it.
  • participates in the definition of the DRISN master plan and contributes to its execution.
  • develops and document the Various procedures, guidelines and policies related to the management and use of resourcesInformation.

Staff Management

  • Determines human resource needs for its service and evaluates training needs.
  • Performs the performance, skills development and proposes any appropriate recommendation in terms of human resource management in its sector of activity.
  • promotes a healthy work climate and harmonious.

Strategic Vision and Technological Development Planning

  • actively proceeds to the technology watch.
  • make recommendations on the strategic directions of the College in terms of technological and technopédagogic development.
  • performs the necessary analyzes to improve tools that support administrative processes and technology architectures to better respond to Needs of the organization.

information security management

  • Attend the Information Security Officer (IHR) analyst in security incident management.
  • participates in the development and the implementation of information security strategies in its business sectors.

Specific project management

  • Responsible for the coordination and implementation of informational resource projects.
  • participates in the analysis of college projects with an impact on the direction of information resources.

Multimedia installation management

  • supervises maintenance and repair activities for multimedia installations and audiovisual equipment and make a standby Technology.

Profile Wanted

The person is recognized for:

  • his mobilizing leadership,
  • its relational skills,
  • its dynamism,
  • its autonomy E As well as
  • its planning capabilities,
  • of organization,
  • of communication and
  • decision making.

capable of working under pressure, it demonstrates a spirit of decision illusive by concrete achievements and by achieving the objectives set. It shows vision and adheres to the College's educational project.

It demonstrates excellent knowledge in the operation of computer parking management tools. It also has a knowledge of methodologies and project management approaches.


  • The person sought holder holds an undergraduate university degree in an appropriate field of specialization in particular in computer science.
  • She has acquired a minimum of five years of relevant experience.
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