Coordinator Managed Services Service Center

November 25, 2021

Job description

This coordination item and / or team leader involves multiple responsibilities, either;

  • To be in charge of overseeing the service center employees so that they can attend remote customers, email or phone, or in person.
  • Participate in hiring, planning and supplying employee assessments and comments.
  • Perform periodic controls from hardware and software to make sure they work properly.
  • contribute to the quality, performance and objectives related to the services offered.
  • to motivate and guide L Team, administer training materials and animate the Group's daily planning meetings.
  • to be aware of the points to improve in the team and attempt to fill them, or by performing periodic and random audits to ensure that the center employees service provide good customer service as prescribed.

The coordinator is responsible for the implementation of the processes in his team, procedures and tools necessary to carry out the functions and mandates of the team. Assist in developing and maintaining an efficient and efficient assistance team on a daily basis and ensure that incidents, requests for services and alarms are effectively managed according to the best ITIL practices and according to customer service agreements (SLAs). It is essential for him to solve the problems related to customer complaints; When the questions can not be answered by the employees of the service center, thus take over while having extensive knowledge of the company's service offers. It must have technical knowledge and excellent capacity for the processing of information technology issues (IT). Strong report writing skills are also important because the coordinator periodically communicates performance measures to senior management as well as customers.

The service center of the service center requires that the Aspirants maintains advanced technical knowledge while ensuring the evolution of these on the professional market as well as act as an Ambassador TI to the team.

Main Responsibilities


  • responsible for providing a high quality service to customers, 24/7, 365 days a year according to the SLA
  • Responsible for the end-to-end resolution incidents and problems of the support center by coordinating resources, identifying the routes of resolution and providing relevant and clear communications to stakeholders;
  • Make sure all the daily operational monitoring activities Informatiq EU are implemented;
  • Ensure that customer requests are systematically and properly procorated and processed;
  • act as the first point of reporting of incidents that are not resolved in the levels agreed service;
  • Manage crisis situations until resolve by clear verbal and written communications;
  • Manage customer and internal communications for all major incidents and critical situations;
  • act as a point benchmark for all the technical questions of his team;
  • Participate in planning, development, allocation of resources and the implementation of TI operational priorities to maximize theCommercial value and minimize service interruptions.
  • Collaborate to develop, implement and manage strategies, processes and procedures for managing software and hardware assets
  • interact with partners and service providers to ensure the quality of service and responding to customer needs.
  • troubleshoot, diagnosticate and repair hardware or software problems, and install updates or applications.
  • Compile performance or sales data and report on trends and potential improvements.
  • Provide training to end-users.
    • ensure the daily management of the support center and make the link with the TI operational manager.
    • Create a work environment healthy and favorable in the department by ensuring effective communication, encouraging teamwork, offering its colleagues the opportunity to participate in planning and highlighting the contributions and achievements of his colleagues;
    • act as liaison with all user communities to meet support and service requirements;
    • Ensure the technical coordination of daily operational resources and take responsibility for the continuity of the service center activities;
    • work in close collaboration with specialized technical teams and professional services.

    customer relationship, follow-ups and reports

    • maintain customer documentation as well as create periodic reports for management on services and needs.
    • produce and present dashboards and performance reports of end-end operational services including service levels (SLA / SLO) to customers and management;
    • ensure a complete mastery of the attention TES / Customer Contracts in Managed Services;
    • Contribute to the improvement of service agreements.
    • Know the company's business sector.

    Procedures and Processes

    • Participate in the revision and implementation of policies, standards and procedures for service centers including management requests, problem management and incident management;
    • adopt and respect the appropriate practices, processes and procedures within each department while contributing to continuous improvement;
    • Ensure the technical operation of new customers and services.

    Continuous improvement and innovation

    • Share knowledge and the Experience with other team members and with the larger scale IT service, as the case may be;
    • Organize processes awareness sessions to increase, efficiency, visibility of the team and the roles and responsibilities within the organization;
    • Contribute to the launch of the project to prevent data center improvement and maintenance of the support center and tools and infrastructure;
    • Develop innovative solutions and approaches for an operational excellence goal.

    Wanted profile

    • Bachelor's degree in computer science, Business Administration, Commerce or in a Related Domain;
    • At least 3 years of experience at the head of a customer service function in a complex computer environment, multi-projects and multi clients;
    • At least 5 years of IT experience (operating system, application system, network operations and supervision ofsystems) in an average or large company;
    • have excellent customer service skills, listening, communication and problem solving;
    • own Excellent leadership and collaborative skills in computer and operational services to promote and accelerate continuous improvement in all services offered;
    • Ability to plan resources as well as Workloads;
    • Be able to integrate newcomers into the TI team;
    • ITIL intermediate certification or higher an asset;
    • Knowledge of Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure computational solutions;
    • Good knowledge of Windows / Mac operating systems;
    • Good knowledge of Networking and Telecommunication;
    • Microsoft Exchange Knowledge, Active Directory,
    • Knowledge of Technology VMware and Hyper-V virtualization;
    • Knowledge of Server and Network Storage Technologies (SAN) NetApp, Dell EMC;
    • Knowledge of Veeam Backup Technologies, NetBackup and CommVault recommended;
    • experience with monitoring tools like solarwinds n-central recommended;
    • Excellent oral and written communication in French and English.

    The masculine is used in order to lighten the text. We thank all candidates for the interest they relate to this position; Only the selected people will be contacted. ESI Technologies will process your application with confidentiality.

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