Computer technician main class

June 18, 2021

Nature of the work:

The main and usual role of the employee in this class of employment is to perform the duties of a manager a team of computer technicians or to perform highly specialized technical functions requiring knowledge and creativity beyond that normally required of the computer technician.

Characteristic duties:

The employee in this class of employment exercises, with the members of his team, the characteristic duties of computer technician and performs the most complex; she distributes the work among the members of her team and verifies its execution; it gives, at the request of its superior, its opinion on the quality of the work carried out; she helps train members of her team.

This class also includes employees who, mainly and habitually, perform highly specialized technical work characterized by their complexity1 as well as by the creativity2 and latitude of action3 that they require from the incumbent. .


  • Identify, understand, analyze and document the client's needs;
  • Design and develop computer applications as well as the architecture of websites and Web applications;
  • Structure the database, create and optimize the content of websites and Web applications;
  • Build, modify, document and test modules for Web sites and applications and associated programs;
  • Perform quality and safety tests;
  • Provide technical support.


Hold a college diploma in computer technology or in d techniques e computer science with a specialization appropriate to the class of employment or hold a diploma or an attestation of studies whose equivalence is recognized by the competent authority and have (4) years of relevant experience.

The Hauts-Cantons School Service Center reserves the right to assess the practical knowledge of candidates using tests. Successful completion of these tests is a condition for obtaining the position.


Possess the following knowledge:

Microsoft SQL, MDX and LINQ



C-Sharp, ASP MVC and BootStrap

Microsoft IIS environment


Power BI

HTML, JavaScript and PHP languages ​​


Own a car.

Possess the following qualities:

  • Interpersonal skills, autonomy, leadership, ability to work in a team, good active listening and approach solid client, analytical and synthesis mind, good management of priorities, interest in new technologies.
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