Collaboration & Digital Presence Analyst

February 15, 2019

The Analyst Collaboration and Digital Presence:

  • Participate in all stages of the delivery process, including creation, technical design, development, testing, and implementation of collaboration and document management solutions;
  • Works on multiple tasks / projects as a member of the team, multi-functional solutions of medium to high complexity in IT and collaboration, document management and digital presence (Internet and mobile applications)
  • Sometimes assume the role of functional manager;
  • Can occasionally participate in the project management estimation process.

Business Needs and Analysis:

  • Works with internal and external customers and IT partners to identify and analyze collaboration, document management and digital presence requirements (Internet and mobile applications) Interprets business requirements and determines optimal solutions for business needs. collaboration, document management and digital presence (Internet and mobile applications) to meet needs;
  • Identify and provide data on new technology opportunities that will impact collaboration, document management and digital presence systems (Internet and mobile applications) across the enterprise;
  • Develop enterprise-wide collaboration and document management solutions, custom sites, and analytics for a wide variety of inquiries


  • Develops, executes and documents user test plans and provides support to test teams;
  • Fixes problems based on test results;
  • Can lead or direct the planning, definition and execution of user efforts;
  • Complete the review of test plans and monitor the process to ensure that business needs are met.

Policies, Standards and Procedures:

  • Meets the standards in force;
  • Provides data for the development of standards, policies and procedures for the form, structure and attributes of tools and systems for collaboration, document management and digital presence (Internet and mobile applications).


  • Develop and deliver training for end-users and prepare related training materials;
  • Shows users how to turn data into action-oriented information, and how to use that information properly.

Typical Education / Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer systems or business management, or specialized training / certification. Or equivalent work experience;
  • Usually 7 to 10 years in collaboration and document management (SharePoint, SharePoint On Line) or related technical experience;
  • Experience with content managers (CMS)
  • Experience in the lifecycle of creating and maintaining mobile solutions
  • Knowledge of one or more functional areas (finance, supply chain, marketing, manufacturing, etc.)

CAE thanks all applicants for their interest. However, we will only communicate with applicantswhose experience and training match the requirements of the position.

Statement on Equal Access to Employment

At CAE, everyone can contribute to our success. Without exception.

As reflected in our core value « A CAE  » (a passionate and inclusive team), we are proud to be one passionate, borderless and inclusive team.

At CAE, all employees are welcomed regardless of race, nationality, color, creed, gender, identity and gender expression, sexual orientation, disability or their age.

In this job offer, the generic masculine is used solely to lighten the text and refers to the masculine gender, feminine gender or various gender identities.

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