Analyst - Quality Assurance

October 12, 2021

Who we are

Hilo is the new Hydro-Québec start-up business whose mission is to revolutionize the power grid. Thanks to millions of IDO devices deployed in Quebec Houses, we will transform how energy is used to optimize consumption and make the electricity grid more stable and more profitable. Hilo advocates a rapid learning spirit, a great tolerance to ambiguity and failure as well as intrinsic motivation. We strongly encourage teamwork, performance, passion, authenticity and imagination. Our offices are located in downtown Montreal.

What we do

as critical element of the electricity infrastructure of Quebec, we have the mission to build a Resilient and extensible IOT platform that will integrate a very wide range of peripheral devices. We develop microservices, mobile applications and equipment, including a centralized cloud energy demand management system, which sends controls to hardware residential gateways, systems managing remote updates of devices with zigbee as well as than mobile applications and web consoles. We are a dynamic team of electrical engineers, embedded developers, developers in closer, sales specialists, quality assurance specialists, product managers and designers (and more!) Who use a paradigm. Based on the development and exploitation process (DEVOPS) and the development guided by the tests (TDD). How do you like it ? Join us to transform the global energy ecosystem!

who we are

We are to deploy our first pilot project. Everything is so to do. We need to set up pipelines, tools and follow-up. We need to architect dynamic self-check-up and growth systems, REST / JSON / Azure / .NET microservices and more.

Our goal is to integrate a variety of devices from different manufacturers to our ecosystem central technology. Since their IDO stack may vary, we will have, in some cases, rewrite or integrate them with adapters.

Our architecture encompasses consumers and cloud producers, embedded, mobile and Web.


post as a member of one of our development teams, you understand that quality control goes beyond the search for bugs and writing test scenarios. In Hilo, it also means detecting and decreasing risks quickly, help product managers, designers and developers find inconsistencies in the product, and ensure that the quality of the delivered product reflects our commitment. You are using exploratory testing techniques and a balanced mix of manual and automated tests as tools to quickly detect important information.

More specifically, you will work in development teams to offer solutions that promote the Smart energy consumption in Quebec. Depending on the scope of the project, you will proceed to the appropriate level of testing and analysis on complex systems and on multiple platforms, to ensure that the requirements of the project, the team, the company and the company. The industry are satisfied.

Key responsibilities

  • Collaborate with different stakeholders to understand projects and their peculiarities, create, putimplement and monitor the progress made in the test plans to ensure that the product and component requirements are satisfied continuously.
  • Design and develop automated tests for components of the system, and help the team testing often and early.
  • Collaborate with your team to prioritize scenarios and tests to provide valuable software, following the principles of continuous integration. and continuous delivery (CI / CD).
  • participate actively in the planning, design, implementation and support phases to meet functional and non-functional needs and ensure quality of the product for the duration of the development cycle.
  • Identify and indicate the risks associated with the quality of deliverables and timelines.
  • direct and coordinate the test activities from the beginning to The end.


  • Knowledge of the energy industry
  • work experience with devices
  • azure knowledge
  • knowledge of the microservices
  • University degree in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering or other relevant field
  • a minimum of 2 years of quality insurance experience
  • experience in agile contexts, Squads and devops
  • mastery of at least one programming language such as Python, Java, or C #
  • knowledge of at least one suite / test platform
  • Knowledge of automation tools
  • Knowledge of Atlassian suite, Visual Studio, collaborative tools and git

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