Analyst Programmer

June 10, 2019

Under the supervision of the Director, Information Technology, the Programmer-Analyst is responsible for quickly understanding the challenges of the company and the tools in place to be able to propose technical solutions and develop these tools to support the growth of the company.

Technological Environment:

Since KD Services is at the heart of the supply chain for many customers, we owe it to ourselves to be in a reliable, flexible, high-performance and real-time technology environment. Our Infolog warehouse management system (WMS) on AS400 is the core of our inventories and logistics operations. Our assembly and compliance services are provided by an MRP in SaaS (Packmanager from Nulogy).

For our operations management needs, planning, accessibility of information, input / access to information for our customers, analysis (KPI), reporting (screens, automated emails), we develop on a web portal to internal, Logi framework (Logi Analytics) in SQL under SQL Server DBs that connects and uses data from all systems.

Our systems are connected to each other and to our customers in a variety of ways, in-house developments (C #, VB.NET, SQL) and with the help of our Tradexpress translator, we also use PlanetPress (Objectif Lune ) and integrated data exchange tools of our systems (XMS for Infolog and CPI for Packmanager).

As we ship our customers 'goods to their customers, we also use several of our carriers' systems (ICS, Purolator, ATS, Canada Post, FedEx) and are connected with the most used ones to informally push the information of our customers. shipments.


The main tasks of the post are:

· Conceptualize, document, develop, deploy and support new applications / KPI / reports (SQL) using a web framework (Logi);

· Conceptualize, document, develop, deploy and support new applications / DLLs in .NET (C #, ASP) and Stored Proc. on SQL Server

· Conceptualize, document, develop, deploy and support new EDI interface mappings with various clients / partners using our Tradexpress translator (proprietary language);

· Conceptualize, document, develop, deploy and support new Databases and maintain existing ones (SQL Server, DB2 / 400);

· Provide estimates in terms of effort and costs for IT project planning;

· Create and execute customer acceptance test scenarios;

· Provide support / problem solving;

· Document the functional and technical aspects of the work delivered;

· Understand the different data sources;

· All other related

Wanted profile:

· Excellent communication skills - bilingualism important asset

· Strong ability to work in a team

· Excellent sense of detail and precision

· Autonomous and versatile

· Flexible working hours to support exchanges in case of problems

· Very good knowledge of SQL (Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012)

· Mastery of programming (SQL, C #)

· Experience with a WEB Framework, an asset

· EDI knowledge (X12 format,EDIFACT, AS2 protocol, VAN), an asset

· AS400 knowledge an asset

· Ability to understand, describe, translate and document user needs in computer language (functional analysis)

· Knowledge of Stored Procedures and Performance Tuning

· 3 years experience in the IT field

· Mastery of Windows and Office Suite

· University degree or college diploma in computer science.

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